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DJ Оборудование
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The I-Creative is an innovative mini USB MIDI controller of the next generation. With a backlit touchpad and the sensor can AirLightTM musicians and producers in the studio or on stage, be creative. The touchpad has 6 individual modes and can be used for note entry (piano, drums), volume control (fa..
8 689 ₽
The I-stage is not an ordinary but a modern drum pad controller that has 4 different modes. You can choose between the sequencer, effects, DJ and Drum Mode, offering a variety of creative ways to steueren appropriate software.Характеристики:Stage Controller for remote control of sequencer-DJ softwar..
8 689 ₽
Характеристики:Polyphonic: Play up to 5 notes per keyExpressive: Poly Aftertouch and Pitch BendDynamic: Velocity sensitive touch responseRugged: Carbon Fiber ContructionPortable: 17.5" x 4.0" x 0.75" weighs 1 pound..
20 919 ₽
QuNeo is a different species of pad controller for electronic musicians, DJs, VJs and DIY hackers. While it covers all of the functionality of other pad controllers, QuNeo adds the power of touch recognition in other dimensions. QuNeo ships with presets, templates and scripts for popular music softw..
17 861 ₽
QuNeo Rogue is an integrated wireless connectivity and battery accessory for KMI’s QuNeo pad controller—giving artists unprecedented freedom. Anyone with a QuNeo can add the Rogue, get out from behind the gear table and step into the spotlight.Характеристики:Attaches to any QuNeoRange: 60 metersPowe..
23 976 ₽
audio and MIDI playerХарактеристики:over 380 sounds32 drum kits66 live drumslarge LCD display (320 x 240 pixels)140 stylescompatible with Ketron SD1/SD1 plus and XD seriesRIFF function200 sound effectswave/mp3 and MIDI file formatsinternal 80Gb hard drivefloppy discUSB jackvideo interfaceMIDI in/out..
79 323 ₽
Techno, house and dance music producers now are going to celebrate: Korg revived the popular electribe again! The Korg electribe music production station really is a cкрасныйit to the name and combines all functions of classical electribes with new technologies like the KAOSS Pad, KingKORG and Kaoss..
29 823 ₽
The electribe is a synthesizer-based production machine that turns inspiration into sound at maximum speed. It contains numerous analog oscillators and a wide variety of filters. Whether you're selecting sounds or editing them, all operations are performed simply by using the top panel knobs. In add..
31 570 ₽
The Electribe series refer to the first Electribe SX that enteкрасный the market 10 years ago. The new electribes are designed to give beginners an easy start to the world of DJ sampling and to be even more enjoyable for previous eletribe users. The device perfectly fulfills two tasks that both dema..
29 823 ₽
The new Korg KAOSS DJ controller is the continuation of the successful and well-known KAOSS-series. Designed to work with Serato-DJ, the KAOSS-DJ can not only work as your typical DJ controller, but also as a 2-channel-mixer, due to having 2 line-in jack-sockets. The all new iteration of the KAOSS-s..
9 912 ₽
Convenient, compact control surface, with easy setup for immediate useIn a body proportioned to fit perfectly in front of your laptop computer, the nanoKONTROL2 provides eight channels of the controllers you need to control your music software. The nanoKONTROL2 also features a dedicated transport co..
7 222 ₽