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DJ Оборудование
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COMPACT 5 UNIVERSAL MIXER      A fully featuкрасный but compact and clearly designed 5 channel console to offer the most versatile mixing unit to installers and mobile P.A. Adapted to a very wide range of purposes such as Bars, Disco-bars, Religious Centres, Retail shops, Fitness rooms, Education Ce..
46 601 ₽
COMPACT 8 is a versatile 8-channel 19-inches Universal Mixer, which perpetuates the robust and flexible technology of the COMPACT 5-series and impresses for this equipment category by a revolutionary design. The series was developed especially for these application ranges with a big number of micros..
71 059 ₽
High quality pro scratch mixer. The Ecler HAK-360 features the new Eternal crossfader with 2 different curve adjustments and a 4,000,000 cycle life.CROSSMODE selectorThe FADE Mode will give the crossfader a progressive "roll-off" curve meanwhile the SWITCH Mode will "square" the crossfader curve in ..
33 760 ₽
Характеристики:2 mixing channels1 Mikrofon-/Anschlusskanal2 phono line inputs and 3Master output - balanced XLR and unbalanced RCABooth output - unbalanced RCA3-band "full cut EQ"Extra large ergonomic EQ knobs3-Band EQ Kill SwitchesFX send control per channel with Pre-/Post-Faderwahl45mm VCA faders ..
24 588 ₽
Характеристики:3 mixing channels3 phono inputs and 3 line1 balanced XLR microphone inputMaster output - balanced XLR and unbalanced RCABooth output - unbalanced RCAVU meter per channel3-band "full cut EQ"Extra large ergonomic EQ knobsFX send control per channel with Pre-/Post-FaderwahlMaster FX Retu..
34 371 ₽
Характеристики:4 mixing channels4 Phono and 4 line inputs2 balanced XLR microphone inputsMaster output - balanced XLR and unbalanced RCABooth output - balanced XLR and unbalanced RCAVU meter per channel3-band "full cut EQ"Extra large ergonomic EQ knobsFX Send control for each channel with Pre-/Post-..
42 015 ₽
The Analog Rytm is a one stop solution beat machine. Distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. Perfected by the immediacy of drum pads coupled with Elektron sequencing.A more powerful drum machineThe Analog Rytm pushes the limit of what is possible to achieve with a single..
92 184 ₽
Elektron Digitakt is an eight track digital drum machine and sampler. The rich feature set, the powerful digital sound engine, the compact size and the all new back-lit buttons and super crisp OLED screen make it a portable and focused instrument for producers and live musicians. And eight dedicated..
46 150 ₽
ENGL Z9 FußschalterCustom made to switch amps in S.A.C. mode(Serial Amp Control), like E 670, E 570 and theE 365, to switch all the channels and features at a glance, and second a easy to handle small Midi footswitch that has 10 presets, (5 presets each in Bank A and B). Phantom poweкрасный via Midi..
16 027 ₽
Gemini’s CDJ-650 incorporates many of the same features of the revolutionary CDJ-700 into a more modest tabletop footprint, making it the perfect addition to Gemini’s budding CDJ family. With intuitive controls and versatile features, the CDJ-650 is an ideal professional DJ solution.Whether your son..
22 142 ₽
The innovation behind Gemini’s new CDJ-700 focuses on two key elements of DJ performance: versatility and control. The CDJ-700 offers incкрасныйible flexibility, allowing playback from CDs, SD cards and USB memory devices in a variety of file formats (MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF).The CDJ-700’s touch-sens..
22 814 ₽
The G4V transforms the standard DJ MIDI device into a dynamic and formidable software performance controller. Within its fully metal enclosure are 2 full-featuкрасный physical DJ decks that allow complete control of 4 virtual software decks. The 16 multi-function performance pads and numerous assign..
23 120 ₽
The Gemini TT-1100USB is a belt drive turntable with USB connectivity. Built on a robust ABS base and enclosure with heavy, adjustable rubber feet, the TT-1100USB effectively eliminates external vibration feedback. It has an aluminum platter and a precision aluminum tone arm for road ready durabilit..
14 804 ₽